Pets love us unconditionally. They provide great joy and also great comfort. It's no wonder they are brought into schools, nursing homes, hospitals, and other public centers to offer a soft, gentle touch to children and adults who are struggling. They do this every single day, whether they realize it or not.

The goal of Golden Linings is to raise money for animals in need, and all author proceeds from sales of Golden Linings are donated to animal rescue organizations and shelters. Your purchase of Golden Linings and Golden Linings II will help make a difference to end an animal's suffering and/or find a forever home.

On behalf of all who contributed and my publisher, I hope you enjoy these books, and I thank you so very much!  

—Carol M. Ford

Contributing Authors 

Sarah Black
Jack Bryant
Pauline Callaghan
Denise Centola
Kaitlin Conroy
Karen Crane
Jennifer Danio
Bill Dillane
Erin Salvatore Fisher
Carol M. Ford
Jan Ford
Margaret Fox
Linda J. Groundwater
Tamara M. Kear
Cheryl Kiel
Rosaria Mineo
Kathleen Miritello
Corrine Ochipinti
Darin M. Peters
Katie R. Rayburn
Adrienne Rea
Barbara Reim
Jeff Reim
Judy Rollins
Kevin Shumaker
Loretta Sisco
Gary Sweeney
Dee Young
Juditha Zito

Contributing Authors 

Dan Conley
Rylee Dodge
Carol M. Ford 
Margaret Fox
Dan Gerfane
Michelle Gill
Michelle Harris
Stefanie Harris
Cliff Henderson
Veronica Ochipinti Menard
Ben Merritt
Nancy Merritt
Terence Murray
Corrine Ochipinti
Isabella Ochipinti 
Daniel O'Neill 
Adele Pandolfo
Nicole Pandolfo
Jodie Peeler
Heidi Perret
Cathy Peters
Darin Peters
Lydia Phillips
Jeff Reim
Sue Rovens
Rebecca Rowland
Jody Sandberg
Loretta Sisco
Marilyn J. Slaughter
Jennifer Watson